Occupational Philosophy

andrea gray

What I Believe is Reflected by What I Do for My Clients

I respect the conventions of mainstream society, while understanding that change takes place with out-of-the-box thinking.

I believe that –

  1. everything that is “new” is not new and improved; and
  2. everything that is “old” is not old and lousy

I further believe that –

  1. confusion breeds chaos;
  2. chaos is negative and destructive;
  3. order nurtures peace;
  4. peace is positive, constructive, and powerful.

I seek to embrace the stability of tried, true, and established practices and procedures, while weeding out that which stifles growth, progress and improvement of individuals and organizations.

About Hoxie

Andrea Hoxie
Independent Insurance Consultant
Licensed in Texas, Alabama and South Carolina
Andrea holds a multiple lines license in Texas, and serves as an insurance specialist for local law firms and an insurance consultant for individuals who want honest answers to questions about insurance matters.  She also serves as an advocate, assisting Medicare beneficiaries with applying for low income subsidies and Medicaid.  In 2005 she became interested in Medicare plans when her mother was enrolled, without her consent, in a Medicare Advantage plan by agents who visited her community center.  It took Andrea more than two months to get her mother back in the plan in which she was originally enrolled.  Andrea sees her consultancy as a means of helping her clients find the best fit for insurance coverage rather than trying to fit them to a particular company or plan.  

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